The primary objective of this portal is to share my experience and technical information, accumulated during the past forty nine years (1969-2018) as an engineering teacher/ researcher/ professional/consultant, with anybody and everybody who may find it useful.

The technical information has been placed in the portal in two sections, (a) and (b), as follows:

(a) Technical Monographs for Students and Teachers

This section consists of monographs on certain technical/engineering topics, on which books are either not readily available or too expensive to buy. The monographs are based on my lecture notes used for class-room teaching at IIT Roorkee and Sharda University. Each monograph is divided into several chapters for a systematic learning of the topic. Hopefully, the monographs will be useful to both under-graduate and post-graduate students of engineering and technology and helpful to teachers as well.

(b) Technical Information

The information in this section can be of interest to engineering professionals and technology/ engineering students, and is placed under different topics/subjects. On each subject, there are several presentations/ expert talks/ special lectures/ keynote addresses delivered by me to professional gatherings or to students at different universities/ institutes. Some research papers and professional articles written by me and other subject experts, either singly or jointly, are also included in this section.

Further, on the suggestion of my colleagues and friends, I have added two more sections, (c) and (d), as under. The information provided in these two sections is either semi-technical or non-technical, and has been extracted and compiled from various sources, which are duly credited.

(c) Information of General Interest

The information placed in this section is of general nature and interest.

(d) Information for Senior Citizens

Information that may be specially useful to, or sought by, senior citizens/ elderly persons/ old people has been extracted from different online sources and placed in this section.

My following email-ID can be used for giving any constructive feedback or to have interaction with me regarding this website: hkvfee@gmail.com.

Prof. H.K. Verma
January 2018